Gallery of Past Shows

Into the Woods

“Be careful what you wish for” seems to be the ongoing theme in Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s Brothers Grimm inspired musical, Into the Woods. A red cape, a strand of golden hair, a golden shoe, and a white cow. It’s these four items that send a baker and his barren wife through the woods on a magical journey to reverse an evil spell. They wish for a child and are sent by an evil witch on the scavenger hunt. Little red riding hood, jack and the bean stalk, Rapunzel, and Cinderella soon join the mix, on this magical tale of love and adventure.


Falsettos is the tale of a neurotic New Yorker named Marvin, who leaves his wife Trina and young son Jason to live with his lover, Whizzer. In time, Trina marries his psychiatrist, Whizzer leaves him, and Marvin ends up alone. Two years later, Marvin and Whizzer reunite and the family begins to prepare for Jason’s bar mitzvah, just as AIDS is beginning its insidious spread. With the help of their neighbors, Charlotte and Cordelia, Marvin and his entire family learn to grow up and face their future with love and dignity.

It Shoulda Been You

The charming, funny, and original new musical, It Shoulda Been You invites you to the Steinberg wedding, a day that you’ll never forget. A day where anything that can go wrong does, and love pops up in mysterious places. The bride is Jewish. The groom is Catholic. Her mother is a force of nature. His mother is a tempest in a cocktail shaker. And, when the bride’s ex-boyfriend crashes the party, the perfect wedding starts to unravel faster than you can whistle “Here Comes the Bride!” It’s up to the sister of the bride to turn a tangled mess into happily ever after in this musical comedy for anyone who ever had parents.

In Pieces

In Pieces reflects on the romantic journeys of six individuals, as they share, ponder and look back on the chosen paths and partners along the way. Set in New York City, there’s the scary excitement of being vulnerable and saying yes to whatever adventure is ahead. The magical first kiss. An unlikely friendship. Well-kept secrets. The monotony. The rebound. An awkward reunion on the 1 train. And the honest conversations of deserving more. All these pieces of a life that at times connect and disconnect, but once at a distance, come together to create a universal remembrance of what it’s like to be young and learning in love.

The Mad Ones

After graduating high school, Samantha Brown sits in her car contemplating which path to take as she moves into her future. She is deeply conflicted and in an attempt to make a decision she re-lives several memories from the past year. She remembers lessons she learned from deceased friend, Kelly, challenges she faced because of her controlling mother, and the love she felt for her boyfriend, Adam. The swirl of memories help her to discover what’s truly important and find the confidence to make her decision.

Blithe Spirit

When novelist Charles Condomine finds himself without inspiration for his new book, he decides to invite a medium to his home in order to perform a séance. Although highly skeptical at first, Charles and his wife Ruth are in for a huge surprise when the hapless medium, Madame Arcati, accidentally summons the ghost of Charles’ dead first wife, Elvira. The catch: only Charles can see her.

Little Women the Musical

Based on Louisa May Alcott’s life, Little Women follows the adventures of sisters, Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy March. Jo is trying to sell her stories for publication, but the publishers are not interested. Her friend, Professor Bhaer, tells her that she has to do better and write more from herself. Begrudgingly taking this advice, Jo weaves the story of herself and her sisters and their experience growing up in Civil War America.




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