COVID-19 Guidelines

SFYCT takes the safety of our cast, crew, and audience very seriously. For anyone considering auditioning or participating in our current shows, please be aware of the following expectations:

  • Everyone present at in-person rehearsals must wear a face mask at ALL-TIMES
  • Everyone present at in person rehearsals will be required to wash their hands for 30 seconds upon arrival to the rehearsal space and again before leaving. Everyone will also be asked to sanitize their hands several times throughout the rehearsal.
  • All actors and participants in SFYCT’s spring productions agree NOT to take part in ANY in-person extracurriculars or jobs during the rehearsals period. (These may include sports teams, dance classes, music lessons, etc.)
  • If you or anyone you’ve been in contact with tests positive for COVID-19, you must inform the directors immediately. Furthermore, If you get tested for COVID-19 and are awaiting test results, you must inform the directors that you have been tested and you must quarantine until you receive your results.
  • If you experience any symptoms of COVID-19 you must immediately inform the directors and attend rehearsal remotely.
  • If you travel out of state during the the rehearsal period you must quarantine for 14 days upon returning and present a negative COVID-19 test before returning to in-person rehearsals.
  • During tech week and the performances you and everyone in your immediate family may be required to quarantine as much as possible with the only exceptions being essential jobs and medical appointments. Actors may also be required to present a negative COVID-19 test before coming to tech rehearsals. (This is liable to change given the COVID-19 situation in June.)
  • For yours and everyone’s safety, all participants in our spring productions must limit their contact with family and friends outside of their household as much as possible. This means no attending parties or large gatherings or meeting friends in indoor spaces. You must also wear a mask 100% of the time that you are outside of your home.