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June 5,6

In this contemporary, one-act musical, Samantha Brown, a recent high school graduate, sits in her car contemplating which path to take as she moves into her future. In an attempt to make a decision she re-lives several memories from her senior year. She remembers lessons she learned from her deceased friend, Kelly, the challenges she faced because of her controlling mother, and the love she felt for her boyfriend, Adam. The swirl of memories helps her find the confidence to make her decision.

June 12, 13

When novelist Charles Condomine finds himself without inspiration for his new book, he decides to invite a medium to his home in order to perform a séance. Although highly skeptical at first, Charles and his wife Ruth are in for a huge shock when the hapless medium, Madame Arcati, accidentally summons the ghost of Charles’ dead first wife, Elvira. The catch: only Charles can see her.